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Arnica Montana Cream

Arnica Montana Cream is extracted from the Arnica plant. This topical ointment has been used since the 1500’s. Arnica is also named leopard’s bane by a lot of people and it is available in many forms, one being the Arnica Cream. The Europeans utilized this to get rid of stomach pains and skin rashes, but the Native Americans discovered that it can also be used to relieve pain in the muscles. Arnica Montana Cream has a diluted Arnica, which is why it is relatively safe to use as a topical ointment, though a person should be careful not to apply it on a broken skin or wound. Furthermore, consultation with the doctor should always be done before taking the Arnica in whatever form it may be.

Arnica Montana Plant

The Arnica Montana Plant is a close relative of the sunflower which also has a big yellow appearance for its flowers. These flowers are the one containing the medicine that people will use for different purposes. The preparations are made from fresh or dry flowers, but usually they get it from its dry form. Another name of the plant aside from the leopard’s bane is the mountaintop tobacco. If a person is allergic to the sunflower, there is a big chance that he will also exhibit the same allergy towards the Arnica Montana Plant.

Ingredients found in the Arnica Montana Cream

Arnica is a good source of antioxidants. It also has carotenoids, inulin, and tannins which are flavonoids. The following properties are a good defense against the free radicals in the body and also exhibit anti-inflammatory effects. It is actually deemed to prevent certain types of cancer.


Pain: The Arnica Montana Cream is usually used to get rid of pain in the muscles. It can also be utilized to relieve the pain in the joint brought about by osteoarthritis and overexertion. In 2002, a study was made involving patients who undergo surgery because of carpal tunnel syndrome. Two weeks after the operation, they experienced less pain when treated with the cream compared to those who were just given placebos. This study can be found in the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine journal.

Swelling: Arnica when used topically has the ability to relieve swelling cause by injuries. As stated by the University of Maryland Medical Center, it can also relieve swelling resulting from insect bites and fractures. An experiment was also made with mice; it showed that the ones treated with the topical Arnica had a reduction in inflammation than those who did not receive the same treatment.

Bruising/ Bruises: Arnica topical cream helps heal the bruises faster than other creams that can be bought in the market. As published in The British Journal of Dermatology, a study was conducted involving the effects of different topical creams. They checked which the better component for treating bruises is. They used the vitamin K with retinol, vitamin K, and of course the Arnica. The patients who used the cream containing the Arnica extract experienced significant improvement.