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Traumeel Ointment

Among the many pain relievers that are now surfacing in the market, Traumeel ointment is one of the favorites. It is indicated in different kinds of injuries cause by accidents or sports activities including dislocations, strains, sprains, fractures, contusions, inflammation or swelling, and pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems.

Who cannot take this product?

The Traumeel ointment is not to be used by patients who are allergic to one of the ingredients included. Those who are hypersensitive to the daisy family and its relatives like the Arnica Montana should avoid using this product.

What are the precautions of this product?

Patients who are adults should take care not to use this for more than 10 days when administered for pain. In the meantime, children are not to be given this ointment for more than 5 days, unless of course instructed by the physician. If the condition worsens or there is no visible improvement, then it is advised to stop using this. When redness, swelling, and other skin reaction are seen, a consultation with the doctor should be done. For pregnant women or those who are still breastfeeding their infant, it would be better to ask the physician first before use because side effects are still not known in their condition.

How do you use the Traumeel ointment?

This should be applied to the affected area around 2 to 3 times every day, unless stated otherwise by the doctor. The ointment should be rubbed and massaged gently to the skin; it can also be applied by using occlusive bandaging, or mild compression. The patient should take care not to apply this to open, or broken skin.

Can this ointment affect the use of other drugs?

This ointment does not interact with other medications, furthermore it is safe to use even when the patient is already utilizing the Traumeel injections.

Can infants and children use this safely?

The ointment can be used by children and babies. Parents should be careful when giving the oral drops to their children. It is highly recommended that they seek the approval of the physician before doing this.

What other forms are there for this brand besides the Traumeel ointment?

Traumeel drops- The drops relieve pain in the muscle. People who are lactose intolerant as well as those who have alcohol intolerance should use the vial instead.

Traumeel tablets- Like the drops; this also helps relieve a person from his muscle ache and pain. It can also relieve the body from the inflammation experienced. These tablets are lactose based and can be taken up to 8 times daily for those who have acute problems, and 3 times a day for those who will use this for their chronic condition. For people experiencing headaches or migraines, it can be taken as needed, although it may be best to consult the doctor first. The best way for this product to be taken is by dissolving it under the tongue.

Traumeel vials- The vials are more expensive, but may last longer than the others indicated.

Arnica Cream Facts

Several brands of homeopathic herbal cream for aches in different parts of the body are surfacing, the most popular being Traumeel. Some of them have herbals, but the majority uses Arnica or more popularly known as the Arnica cream. The manufacturer of these creams states that it is mainly used for relieving pain brought about by an inflammation in one part of the body, like those with stains, sprains, bruises, and many other.

Where did it come from?

The Arnica Montana plant is found in Central Europe and is also known as the leopard’s bane. Like the sunflower, it is color yellow and part of the asteraceae family. It is not advised to take it internally because it may poison the person attempting to do so. It is processed and made into creams, tinctures, sprays, gels, oil, and the like. For the Arnica Cream, dried blossoms coming from the plant are needed, but fresh flowers will also suffice.

Flavonoids, carotenoids, inulin, and tannins are some of the properties or ingredients that can be found in the cream. These ingredients are also believed to prevent cancer and a great defense against free radicals.

When does a person need to apply the Arnica Cream?

When a person has a bruise, it is advised to apply the cream every three hours to lessen the swelling, relieve the pain, and reduce the discoloration in the skin. For those who workout, it is recommended to apply it afterwards because it can relieve pain and stiffness. Be careful not to overdo it though, because applying it continuously for three weeks may result in irritation and worsening of the eczema.

What are the different benefits of the Cream?

Arthritis- A study was conducted about this cream, and it showed that more than 50% of the participants who has arthritis experienced a decrease in the pain and stiffness after using the cream. The effects are like those produced by a pain reliever, so people suffering from this condition is sure to benefit from it.

Bursitis- Like the arthritis, people with Bursitis will also experience pain relief when they apply this cream.

Bruises and sore muscle- A buildup of lactic acid causes sore muscles, using the cream the white blood cells will be stimulated resulting in the flushing of this buildup fluid.

What are the possible side effects of Arnica?

Skin- The cream is usually applied to the skin to relieve the affected muscle. Using the cream continually for prolonged periods may result in skin irritation such as blisters, eczema, or even skin peeling. Furthermore, it is very possible for someone to be allergic with its components producing contact dermatitis. For people who use Arnica as a mouthwash, there are some cases where they developed mouth sores or ulcers.

Ingestion- When ingested, the Arnica can be toxic. A person may experience tremors, dizziness, and weakness of the muscle, as well as vomiting, palpitations, and increase risk of bleeding. It can also result in organ failure, most commonly the kidneys, nausea, and even liver damage. The Arnica cream itself has minimal amount of Arnica, but when applied on an open wound or broken skin, it is possible that it will enter the bloodstream eliciting the same reaction caused by ingestion. Remember that when it is taken internally, the person may die.

Pregnant women- It is not advised for pregnant women to use this product. It is possible for the stimulation of the uterus to happen leading to miscarriage or even the premature delivery of the baby. The main reason for this is the ingestion of the Arnica, though the cream can also cause this when applied in an open wound like the explanation given above. Furthermore, Arnica can be passed into the breast milk that the baby will ingest. Studies have yet to be made on the effects it will cause a baby or child so pregnant women or those who are still breastfeeding are strongly advised against using this, even the Arnica cream itself.

What are the drug interactions of the Arnica?

People who are taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet should not use the arnica because it slows the process of the coagulation of the blood. Meaning, people who are taking the following may have increased bleeding. This is dangerous, especially if a person accidentally scratches or wound himself. The effectiveness of the corticosteroid will also be lessened, as well as medicine that will lower the blood pressure.

Traumeel Cream

Myriad of products for relieving pain and regaining mobility are coming in from all places, confusing a lot of people. With so many items that they can buy, they have a hard time choosing the best one for them and their family. Today, readers would learn about the wonderful solution they could run to when a member of the family suffers from pain.

Not all people know about the Traumeel cream. It is a clinically proven effective product for relieving pain caused by trauma, bruises, and many others. The great thing about it is the natural ingredients that it is made of. It is easy and safe to use, in fact even babies can utilize it, as well as other age groups.

What are the benefits of Traumeel cream?

  • It speeds up healing and does not mask it like other products that can be bought in the drugstore.
  • It helps a person regain mobility making them resume their daily activities faster.
  • It also comes in other forms aside from the cream, such as gels, or can even be bought in the oral form.
  • It is odorless or unscented which makes it a good choice for people who are very sensitive to some odors.
  • The entire family can use it, even the baby because it is very safe.
  • It is better than NSAIDs or (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) because it does not cause adverse effects on the nervous, renal, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems.
  • As of the moment, there are no known drug interactions, meaning this can be used in combination with other conventional and even natural medications.
  • It works on the root of the muscle pain, post-operative inflammation, backaches, overexertion from sports, repetitive stress, and quickens the healing process of the body.

Is the Traumeel cream proven effective?

A lot of studies have been made regarding this products clinical applications, mechanism of action/how it works, low incidence of side effects, and of course its effectiveness. The results are astounding because it shows the product was able to control and regulate the inflammatory mediators at its different stages instead of just suppressing them.

Are there any benefits a person can get when he uses both the oral and topical form of Traumeel at the same time?
Yes, a person may benefit more when he used it at the same time because it would be more effective, though the cream and ointment has a great performance when used individually.

What are the indications for using Traumeel cream?

Traumeel is considered as a homeopathic anti-inflammatory product. For this reason, a person who is about to engage in sports and any strenuous activities may be able to prevent trauma, or pain, and can even promote the regeneration of tissues if he uses the cream or tablet prior to the said activity. Other indications include contusions, bruises, sprains, discolorations, fractures, and edema or swelling.

How to use Traumeel?

This product can be used up to three times a day, or as necessary. Just apply the cream to the area involved and rub or massage gently.


Different people have different kinds of pain tolerance, but one thing is for sure, for all of them, pain can cause discomfort and would rather not be felt. For this reason, a lot of products that can relieve a person from pain are surfacing. One such product is Traumeel.

What is this product?

In the 1930’s, a German physician named Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg developed Traumeel. It is a combination of diluted plants and mineral extracts and has been available for more than forty years in places such as Austria, Germany, and of course the United States. As of the moment, the combination is utilized in treating acute musculoskeletal injuries like strains and other traumatic injuries, thus relieving pain and inflammation in the musculoskeletal system. This product comes in many forms; among them are the gels, ointment, drops, injection solution, and tablets.

What are the ingredients found in this product?

Its ingredients have actually been used for different therapeutic purposes. The list of ingredients includes: Arnica Montana, Mercurius solubilis, Achillea millefolium, Hepar sulfuris, Echinacea, Atropa belladonna, Matricaria recutita, and Calendula officinalis. The following can reduce bruising, edema, bleeding, infections, inflammation, pain, and promote wound healing.

Is the product effective?

A lot of clinical trials have been conducted to know the effectiveness of Traumeel. One such experiment involved 73 patients who are all suffering from ankle sprains that were incurred during different sports activities. The patients were given Traumeel ointments or placebo seven times within 2 weeks. Compression bandages were applied over the ointment given. Electrotherapy was also done as basic therapy. The patients who took the ointments recovered faster than those who were given the placebos. Furthermore, a lot of patients in the ointment group reported that they did not experience pain when they were able to move their ankle on day 10.

The product was well tolerated by a lot of people, and only a small number experienced adverse effects. No disease exacerbation or drug interactions were reported. For this reason, the product may be a good choice for the elderly who are suffering from different conditions, and also taking a lot of other medications. The adverse reactions that they saw when people used this product included redness in the skin, heat, pruritus, and other local skin reactions. In fact the rating of this product when it comes to tolerability is very good compared to other more conventional treatments.

What are the other things a consumer should watch out for when trying to use this product?

A patient may be allergic to this product and the other ingredients it was made with. If this is the case, do not use this product, or ask permission from the doctor if it is safe to use. Studies are yet to be made with pregnant women and this product. It is not known if there can be fetal harm, so do not use when not really needed, or consult with the physician first. Finally, discontinue use if redness, itching, and any other reaction occur in the skin.

Homeopathic Arnica Montana

People who do not know about Arnica Montana are missing out because they will not be able to get the benefits it gives. That is why it is better if readers will take the time to read this in order to know more about this wonderful product.

Arnica Montana overview

Arnica is a plant that can be found in the mountains of Europe and Siberia. It came from the Asteraceae family which is the reason why it has a similar appearance to the sunflower. People extract the medicine from the flower of the Arnica plant. They prefer to extract it when the flower is all dried up, but this can also be done even if it is fresh. Arnica is applied to the skin to lessen the pain felt, as well as the swelling that was caused by arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises, and many others. It is also used for the treatment of chapped lips, acne, insect bites, and muscle and cartilage pain. Sometimes it is taken by mouth for mouth sores and ulcers, as well as sore gums after a dental treatment. For manufacturing purposes, Arnica is used for hair tonics and anti-dandruff solutions, as well as for cosmetics and perfumes for the oil.

Uses of the Arnica Montana

Wounds and bruises: When applied to wounds and bruises, the Arnica will promote healing. It also has antimicrobial properties that can prevent infection in scrapes or cuts, and promote faster wound healing.

Sports injuries: it will assist in healing sports-related injuries like sprains, strains, and muscle aches. A couple of studies show that patients who had knee surgery and even tonsillectomies were able to lessen the pain and swelling after the use of Arnica.

Lessens or reduces inflammations: Fortunately, Arnica contains terpenoids that can produce anti-inflammatory effects in the body of a person. For this reason, the inflammation that a person may get from an insect bite will be reduced, as well as those who suffer from arthritis as stated by the University of Maryland Medical Center. People who experience fibromyalgia will also benefit greatly from the Arnica.

Childbirth Support: Practitioners who rely on Homeopathic treatment usually use Arnica Montana to treat overexertion and physical pain. For this reason, Arnica can help a person during the physical exertion cause by childbirth. An experiment was conducted with the help of 93 pregnant women. Upon using Arnica in combination with other homeopathic treatments, they discovered that it helps greatly in decreasing the difficulty experienced with childbirth and even the duration of labor. Those who used the Arnica had a faster and easier time during childbirth, compared to those who were only given placebos. However, the study also showed that Arnica alone will not help; it must be combined with other homeopathic treatments in order for the effects to take place.

Side effects of Arnica

The Canadian government actually prohibited people from using Arnica as a food ingredient. It is unsafe when swallowed or ingested by mouth, and reports shows that it can cause death. It is also harmful when taken in large amounts.

These are the side effects that a person may experience if he ingested Arnica: shortness of breath, fast or irregular heartbeat, pain in the stomach, skin rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, irritation in the mouth and throat, heart damage, and coma. Arnica should not be applied in broken skin or open wound because a lot of it can be absorbed giving a person the same side effects seen when it is ingested.


Pregnant women as well as breastfeeding mothers should be careful not to use this product, even in cream form because they may pass it down to the breast milk.