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Avoid Pain Using Arnica Cream

Arnica cream is a topical ointment extracted from the plant of the same name. This cream has been used since the 1500’s. Before, it was used mainly to get rid of stomach pains and even skin rashes, but the Native American’s found out that it can also be utilized to relieve the pain in the muscles. Nowadays, a lot of people apply it to sprains, strains, as well as bruises. This cream promotes healing of the tissues, relieve pain, and minimize the swelling. People with arthritis also found this useful, as well as those who have sore muscles that they got after playing sports or working hard.


The plant Arnica Montana is the main source of the Arnica cream. This plant like the sunflower also produces big yellow flowers. The plant usually reaches 2 feet and has thick stems. The flowers itself contains the medicine. It is usually dried before harvesting or making the cream, but it is also possible to get it when the flowers are fresh. This plant is also known as the leopard’s bane.

Ingredients found

The sesquiterpene lactone found in the plant is the main reason why the pain in the body is relieved. Like the aspirin, or other painkillers, this property produces a pain-relieving effect. The Arnica cream has antioxidants, and a lot of flavonoids. The other properties found produce an anti-inflammatory effect, and also defend the body against free radicals. A lot of experts believe that these properties can assist in preventing some types of cancer.

What are the precautions?

Do not worry because this cream is safe when used topically, but if a person is using it for a long period of time, he may begin to see some reaction. Itching of the skin, redness, and blisters should alert a person to stop using the product. For other people, the cream will cause their eczema to worsen. For those who have eczema, a skin outbreak may occur when this is applied. Because the Arnica is a close family of the sunflower, people who are allergic to the latter may also have a similar reaction. People should never apply the cream directly to an open wound or skin that is broken. Also, never ingest it, or take it other than topically or the prescribed because a person may be poisoned when he does.

What are the indications of the Arnica cream?

This cream is used for muscle pain or problems such as bruises, strains, and sprains. These are the conditions that can easily be treated or relieved by the cream. Pain due to arthritis and joint pain cause by other conditions are also relieved. It minimizes the bruises, swelling, and tenderness around the damaged or sprained bone. People who are suffering from back and neck pain can also take advantage of it, as well as those who frequently experience migraines, head, and shoulder discomfort.

What is the proper dosage for this cream?

The cream itself contains 25% Arnica tincture, which also has 15% of Arnica oil. This should be used a maximum of three times per day for 10 days all in all. If the person feels the need to extend the usage, a consultation with the physician first is advised so the patient would be sure that he will not receive any untoward reactions in his body.