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Traumeel Ointment

Among the many pain relievers that are now surfacing in the market, Traumeel ointment is one of the favorites. It is indicated in different kinds of injuries cause by accidents or sports activities including dislocations, strains, sprains, fractures, contusions, inflammation or swelling, and pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems.

Who cannot take this product?

The Traumeel ointment is not to be used by patients who are allergic to one of the ingredients included. Those who are hypersensitive to the daisy family and its relatives like the Arnica Montana should avoid using this product.

What are the precautions of this product?

Patients who are adults should take care not to use this for more than 10 days when administered for pain. In the meantime, children are not to be given this ointment for more than 5 days, unless of course instructed by the physician. If the condition worsens or there is no visible improvement, then it is advised to stop using this. When redness, swelling, and other skin reaction are seen, a consultation with the doctor should be done. For pregnant women or those who are still breastfeeding their infant, it would be better to ask the physician first before use because side effects are still not known in their condition.

How do you use the Traumeel ointment?

This should be applied to the affected area around 2 to 3 times every day, unless stated otherwise by the doctor. The ointment should be rubbed and massaged gently to the skin; it can also be applied by using occlusive bandaging, or mild compression. The patient should take care not to apply this to open, or broken skin.

Can this ointment affect the use of other drugs?

This ointment does not interact with other medications, furthermore it is safe to use even when the patient is already utilizing the Traumeel injections.

Can infants and children use this safely?

The ointment can be used by children and babies. Parents should be careful when giving the oral drops to their children. It is highly recommended that they seek the approval of the physician before doing this.

What other forms are there for this brand besides the Traumeel ointment?

Traumeel drops- The drops relieve pain in the muscle. People who are lactose intolerant as well as those who have alcohol intolerance should use the vial instead.

Traumeel tablets- Like the drops; this also helps relieve a person from his muscle ache and pain. It can also relieve the body from the inflammation experienced. These tablets are lactose based and can be taken up to 8 times daily for those who have acute problems, and 3 times a day for those who will use this for their chronic condition. For people experiencing headaches or migraines, it can be taken as needed, although it may be best to consult the doctor first. The best way for this product to be taken is by dissolving it under the tongue.

Traumeel vials- The vials are more expensive, but may last longer than the others indicated.