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Different people have different kinds of pain tolerance, but one thing is for sure, for all of them, pain can cause discomfort and would rather not be felt. For this reason, a lot of products that can relieve a person from pain are surfacing. One such product is Traumeel.

What is this product?

In the 1930’s, a German physician named Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg developed Traumeel. It is a combination of diluted plants and mineral extracts and has been available for more than forty years in places such as Austria, Germany, and of course the United States. As of the moment, the combination is utilized in treating acute musculoskeletal injuries like strains and other traumatic injuries, thus relieving pain and inflammation in the musculoskeletal system. This product comes in many forms; among them are the gels, ointment, drops, injection solution, and tablets.

What are the ingredients found in this product?

Its ingredients have actually been used for different therapeutic purposes. The list of ingredients includes: Arnica Montana, Mercurius solubilis, Achillea millefolium, Hepar sulfuris, Echinacea, Atropa belladonna, Matricaria recutita, and Calendula officinalis. The following can reduce bruising, edema, bleeding, infections, inflammation, pain, and promote wound healing.

Is the product effective?

A lot of clinical trials have been conducted to know the effectiveness of Traumeel. One such experiment involved 73 patients who are all suffering from ankle sprains that were incurred during different sports activities. The patients were given Traumeel ointments or placebo seven times within 2 weeks. Compression bandages were applied over the ointment given. Electrotherapy was also done as basic therapy. The patients who took the ointments recovered faster than those who were given the placebos. Furthermore, a lot of patients in the ointment group reported that they did not experience pain when they were able to move their ankle on day 10.

The product was well tolerated by a lot of people, and only a small number experienced adverse effects. No disease exacerbation or drug interactions were reported. For this reason, the product may be a good choice for the elderly who are suffering from different conditions, and also taking a lot of other medications. The adverse reactions that they saw when people used this product included redness in the skin, heat, pruritus, and other local skin reactions. In fact the rating of this product when it comes to tolerability is very good compared to other more conventional treatments.

What are the other things a consumer should watch out for when trying to use this product?

A patient may be allergic to this product and the other ingredients it was made with. If this is the case, do not use this product, or ask permission from the doctor if it is safe to use. Studies are yet to be made with pregnant women and this product. It is not known if there can be fetal harm, so do not use when not really needed, or consult with the physician first. Finally, discontinue use if redness, itching, and any other reaction occur in the skin.